If you are into old U22 sedans, this may be your chance to have a fresh 100% restored one. Right now, no waiting 3 years and no heartburn. Just write the check once and let it go… click here

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4 Responses to “I Know, U22 Month Is Over. But!”
  1. Anonymous

    Just when you thought it was over they pull you back in with another U22. Cash in part of your retirement and get a nice covered boat so you can spend more time on the water. Instead I will pick up something for a fraction of the cost and spend an indeterminate amount of time fixing it.

  2. Anonymous

    Must be looking for someone that got part of the Government bailout$$$ Or did I miss the part where the $125K is for one for each day of the week!

  3. Texx

    I noticed the blue gauges too, but was afraid to ask…. Way to go Jim!