It’s cold, I’m tired, and broke from Christmas shopping. I need a fix. Here it is for today, The Muskoka Wharf Antique & Classic Boat Car Show back in July… If you hold your hands up to the screen you can actually feel the warmth…..Spritz some water on your face and you are there… ahhhhhhh… woodyboat’n in July…….. ahhhhhhhhh…

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5 Responses to “I Need Some Classic Boat Show Action!”
  1. Anonymous

    I was finally over my withdrawls from summer and adjusting just fine to winter……now……i'm right back to September. Thanks alot! ha ha

  2. WoodyBoater

    Its funny, by September I am over it. No more shows… Its only when its cold and all the stories are about eBay Toilet seats that i miss the shows..Not the shows as much as the pals. Only a short time til Mt Dora though.. Wooohooo

  3. Texx

    Hmmm… Mt Dora. I can hardly wait. Century City!

    By the way, those WoodyBoater Christmas Cards are very cool… Can we have some for Valentine's Day, by then we will need them.