7 Responses to “CRACK! $^% Mother*%&$^% of a *%&^&*#@$#(*# it!”
  1. Anonymous

    Don't loose faith. Spring wiil come. Think warm wood boat thoughts. A nice hot day out on the River when the heat drives you into the water. A nice cold beer waiting. Maybe you should lock yourself in the garage with the boat. I am sure there is something that could use a little attention. Do not look outside. Try to stay focused. All this will pass. You are snowed in.

  2. WoodyBoater

    You mean to tell me there is a machine that does that stuff? 40 days.. 40 day… 40 days…..

  3. WoodyBoater

    The Orange Suburban is at the Boulder Bureau but will soon be home..

  4. Rick

    Just add a little warm weather and all that white stuff you're complaining about will float your boat and you'll be loving and praising it. Except when it causes dry rot of course!