As annoying as shoveling 50 inches of snow out of my way can be. I would rather be doing that then dealing with my pride and joy at the bottom of a mountain of snow and roof material. It seems like only a month ago… wait.. it was… that we did a story on just this sort of thing. Some of these shots are in here in the mid – Atlantic after the Snowmageden…. Ugh! A very nice Trumpy yacht… Please make sure your insurance premium is caught up on.. Now is the worst time of year for disasters…Here, I will help you.. Just Click here.. It’s that easy.. One Click.. Now enjoy some pictures.. Rubber necking is encouraged on the Internet Highway..

Just one click… Really.. Click…

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2 Responses to “Snow Boat Disasters. How's That Insurance Policy You Have?”
  1. Anonymous

    Now I have to go through the rest of the day with red swollen eyes. What a shame.