To some this may look like a pile of fire wood. To some of us – it’s a dream. Imagine finding this in a barn. For me I was happy to just find it on the internet. At were else…CenturyClassic and the Miklos & Sons portion of the site. This site has some very fun old vintage images…. Very cool stuff indeed.. Just 11 Days til Dora….Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

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4 Responses to “1928 Century Cyclone Project. Can It Be Finished In 11 Days?”
  1. Anonymous

    Do you think you can get it up onto a plane. Speed will be the key to keep it on top of the water.

  2. Rick

    God has a special place for people who restore boats in this condition. And god bless those that do because they go through hell doing it. If I ever get that particular inclination I'll just hit my thumb with a hammer a few times until I come to my senses!

  3. Anonymous

    Just needs a quick cosmetic restoration.

    Randy Rush-Captain Grumpy, see you at Lake Dora.

  4. Anonymous

    Just caulk the seams and scuff it where the varnish needs to be touched up. Then list it as "THE" On Golden Pond boat on E-Bay!