Hats off, or on to fellow Woody Boater Norm for going all the way with his 1955 Tollycraft 14 foot Rumpas. He not only did not use vinyl… BUT went for the full courage move of painting on the side. I suppse with a name like Little Pal.. You want your Pal to be by your side… Not on your back side… Old School sign painter Derek from Made For Glory Signs in Reno is pictured here doing his magic… Enjoy the finishing touches…

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One Response to “It Ain't Over Til The Sign Painter Steps In. Or Sings…”
  1. Chad Durren

    Looks fantastic! Guys like Norm deserve a beer for deciding to do it the old fashion way. Makes for a one-of-a-kind piece and showcases the work of skilled dudes like Derek. The world needs more left-handed right-brainers.