OK, it’s going to be raining here in DC and Reedville this weekend. I have three options for something to do. And I can not decide. So, I will let you, my fellow Woody Boaters help. 

 1. Buy that dam Whirlwind in yesterdays story… Drive to FLA a 16 hr drive…… Each way document the journey and eat BBQ.  This vote will require help in FLA. As in: Anyone near Tampa that can haul that thing to at least Lake Dora? You’ll get a tshirt, Water Bottle… and hat… plus gas….Not BBQ gas….

2. Go up to Baltimore.. 1 hr away and look at a possible dock ornament. I need guest quarters at our River house.. How bout a 1956 Corsair?

3. Go up to Maryland..1 hr… And look at a killer Barrel Back Racer I may want to get. I will also do a story on that.

So there you have it.  You have the power. UPDATE! THANK GOD SOMEONE ELSE BOUGHT THE WHIRLWIND! I am off the hook and feel relieved. I was about to buy it.

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18 Responses to “Vote For What Sort Of Classic Boat Weekend I Should Have.”
  1. Paul H.

    I would consider doing BOTH 2 & 3 – more practical – (love the guest quarters idea!) and those Special Race Boats don't exactly grow on trees.

    Caveat here – I would only do this after agreeing to buy the Whirlwind and arranging for short-term storage until suitable pick-up arrangements could be made. No problems – only solutions!

  2. Anonymous

    knowing your present buldging boat portfolio, I think you should skip all three and get your head examined….make an appointment for me while you are there.
    John Rothert

  3. WoodyBoater

    so fare ALL these are smarter moves. The Big Chris craft is a maintenance nightmare, The Whirlwind is to fare away, but the racer is cool and i would like to see that up close.

  4. Paul Fulton

    I like the wirlwind but i'd like to see the story on the barrelback,

  5. Texx

    Not necessarily in that order….. Your call.

    You may be able to learn from Mr. Staib's years of experience on these matters!

  6. Chad Durren

    Buy all three! When your wife leaves you…

    You can trade the racer and the whirlwind for a vacant lot in the boonies. You can live in the cruiser and raise chickens.

  7. WoodyBoater

    Wife loves it. Kids like it. Friends in FLA can get it and take it up to Lake Dora. This is not working out in my favor. Its at 1,800 and everytime i look at it, I twitch.

  8. Anonymous

    First eat BBQ and drink beer to settle the nerves. Second remeber you cannot own all the boats that there are or that you are attracted to. Third remember that you have an advanced case of wood boat madness in full bloom. Go see the racer. It will probably be too expensive. Go see the big Chris. It will be cheap to buy and too expensive to own, in time and money. You might want to still to get the Whirlwind but do it only if you can get it at a good price and get it later when it is more convinent. Then take one of the boats you already own or borrow a local craft and go for a boat ride. And always remember that it is alright to keep dreaming. Good Luck. Better You Than Me.

  9. Jim Staib

    When I built my shop I put six doors on one side. All 8' 8" wide. If it ain't road legal that stops all temptation to drag it home knowing it won't fit inside and the only other option is the burn pile!

  10. Texx

    Matt – Today I received an e-mail from Terry Ross at the Sunnyland ACBS to inform us that the Silver Springs Antique Boat Show and Boating Event is scheduled for the weekend of May 14th. Boating from Mt. Dora to Silver Springs, Saturday Workshops, Boat Parade, etc.

    Could this be a reason to travel to Florida for a romantic weekend and to collect the new Whirlwind?

  11. Howard Johnson

    We regularly show Hurry Home a `47 Ventnor raceboat. It is always a big hit! that raceboat looks like it will draw crowds wherever you park it but not eat if stored inside

  12. WoodyBoater

    Thank the lord. Someone put me out of my missery. Its done. Very smart move. I hope it was a fellow woody boater. That was an amazing find and deal. The trip just made it un realistic.. Kinda

  13. Anonymous

    Go get the Corsair…Ive been looking at that girl on craigslist for 4 months…its killing me!
    If I wasn't restoring a 1958 Connie i'd have her down here in NC with me!