Thanks to the Wooden Boat Association of North Texas for putting this nice video together and Texx for being nice enough to inform me of it… We can now sip on our nice warm cup of Joe this morning and just watch.. Just nice shots of nice boats made by nice people in a nice place surrounded by nice cars restored by nice big wallets. Nice!

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5 Responses to “Keels And Wheels 2010 Video.”
  1. Jim Staib

    Thanks for posting the video. Saved me the $35 gate fee.

  2. Al Benton

    Very enjoyable morning watching a great video, and nice Texas style guitar picking to go along with it.

    Thanks for posting this.



    So was this show focused on outboards or does Texas just happen to be the Smokey Graceland for outboard boats? Maybe it is now that Texx has a shiney old Merc that this is all he sees now? Great video

  4. Anonymous

    Nice pair of Lymans. Out boards because the lake has alot of shallow spots.

  5. Texx

    Finding and restoring those old Mercury Outboards is great fun. But I can hardly wait until the day when we fire up the Ford 427FE in the Century! More power…