Can’t be around your classic boat all the time? Wish you could take your Boat every place with you? Take it to the movies, restaurants…If so, you have a serious problem and should listen to your spouse….It’s just a boat for gods sake..let it go…….. But that’s not why you are here. You have given into your demons… And to help you as a enabler.. you can click here and be a little happier knowing that you have a little woody buddy with you at all times.. There, all’s better now….Happy bidding.

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2 Responses to “Pocket Size Classic Boating”
  1. MBW

    FINALLY, a woodie I can afford…………
    thanks woody boater

  2. Rick

    That's the way to build a boat…solid. No stringers or ribs to crack. No planks to spring, fasteners to loosen or seams to swell. Why can't they build a boat like that? A Chris-Craft dugout?