While we still wrestle with the naming of our Connie, the name winner will be reviled on Monday. We are also putting the final coats of Varnish on Sylvia. It looks like a boat show over at Wini Signs.. Our Boulder Bureau has sent us some images of water taxi’s in Venice. Now back to digging through transom’s and varnish cans. And counting the votes….It’s a dead heat between the comments and the votes.

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4 Responses to “Images From Venice Italy.”
  1. Paul H.

    I's sure the choice will indeed be reviled by some, though celebrated by others.

    Sorry, couldn't help myself. Sometimes the typos are inadvertantly right on!


  2. Anonymous

    Ha! I love the fact that you can change your vote after you see the results. Don't you wish that you could do that on election day?

    "Oh, gosh, I must have voted wrong. Heck, I'll just change it so I can say I'm following popular opinion".

  3. Rick

    You should have put a gondola in the header today. Lets see…. varnish or play?

  4. Levinson Axelrod

    Very nice photos. Thanks for sharing a bit of your experience in Italy.