Chris Smith and Logan Wood unveil the statue of Christopher Smith and Gar Wood. . Wow it’s a very emotional event with both families coming togeter to celebrate there families place in American history. .
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2 Responses to “Statue Of Christopher Smith and Gar Wood Unvailed… WOW!”
  1. Chad Durren

    Matt, thanks for the coverage and thanks to Herb for making it happen. I'm upset I wasn't able to be there for the historic event. Must have been a proud moment for the Smiths, Woods and the people of Algonac.

  2. Anonymous

    This is my first post on this site, so bear with me. Would it be possible to contact the owner of the C-C 10' Racing Pram (MC 6702 TF) shown here at the Algonac 'show'? I have one of the original racing prams and would like to obtain (or have reproduced) the "Chris Craft Kit Boat" decals. I need lettering size, color and script. Not many of these racing prams have survived.
    Randy Mueller, Gig Harbor, WA.