The good news is that she did not sink… 3 bilge pumps and she survived the night…

After about three hours of continuous pumping we are now a
squirt every 15 minutes. Both engines started and she is looking

good… Funny thing.. Now that he bottom is finished all I notice is the bright work… I suppose that’s a metaphor for

how I live my life. I am always focused on fixing something … I wonder why I love these boats???

– Posted live! using BlogPress from my iPhone on the back of Betsy

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6 Responses to “Betsy Lives! The Wonderful Life Of A 1958 Chris Craft”
  1. Paul H.

    great to see Matt- congrats on your succesfull launch. Now, who's Lincoln convert is that? Can I have it, please?

  2. Ken Miller

    SIGH…………Oh how I love a bull nose cruiser. I always was a breast man.

  3. Anonymous

    Woohoo! Let the fun begin. Hope you have a great 4th aboard Betsy.

    Woody Gal

  4. WoodyBoater

    The Lincoln is Krunchs as is the Caddy. We call the Caddy a Coupe De Deltaville. Its really the only way to arrive to go yachting..If you make it there.. and if the boat starts, and if…

  5. Anonymous

    Betsy looks great. You will enjoy your cruiser, I miss mine. Is that a Matthews I see in the background? What length? Can it be purchased? Would be neat for me, I'm from the town where they were built.

  6. WoodyBoater

    Yes that's a Matthews. It needs restoration.. 2500 is the asking price. You can contact captain crunch at wino signs. It's a banner on the right Dodd of the page