If you have not visited www.fiberglassics.com recently….Wow, what a great rebuild of this site. News and updates, fun articles, classified section. It’s like an entire universe for the fiberglassic lover in all of us. This is the future of the hobby. And a very nice fun way to get into a cool boat. It’s like the the marijuana of the hobby.. First you just start with a hit of turquoise fiberglass.. Chances are it was given to you for free.. you take her out and BANG you are hooked… Maybe I will try a bigger one… One with an out drive..a V8 That’s not so bad.. Ohhhhhh one with fins! It’s only $3,000 .. I can do that.. But then.. you see a Cobra at a show.. And  BINGO.. We have you.. It quickly turns into a can of varnish a week habit.. Then you look around for more stuff.. More saw dust to sniff.. And before you know it you own a old wood cruiser.. Ahhhhhhhhhh! With twin gas engines… Help me.. I need an intervention…

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6 Responses to “Fiberglassics Web Site. Be Very Careful…”
  1. Texx

    Matt – I wonder if we could get a "Group Rate" on an Intervention… Maybe at Clayton?

  2. Anonymous

    I think I would smoke the MaryJane before the fiberglass, or skip both and just huff varnish. It really works when the shed is 90 degrees.

  3. Anonymous

    Thanks for that, I appreciate it.

    Kelly Wood
    President & Founder

  4. Mike Shorten

    I currently have a 1957 performer cuddy cabin….I am looking to see if anyone knows where I can get the windows done? any help would be greatly appreciated!!

    thanks! Mike

    • Jay Wagner

      Mike, I think guys that do old airplane restorations would know. Either that or contact the EAA up in Oshkosh

  5. Jeff Milnes

    I’m interested in Dorsett 25′ to 28′ boats. We are going to restore a 26′ Dorsett. It has a 6 cylinder inline engine (Ford?) The trailer needs new tires & wheel bearings. The boat has been sitting on the trailer for 20 years. HELP!!!
    I would like a good source for parts. We can fix anything if we have parts. Thanks for your help. Jeff

    No pictures for now.