The following list is not by any means a complete list. But it is official and will give us all a glimpse into the treasures that await us in Minnesota.. It’s not even on the Mecum site yet, but will be shortly… This event will NOT be broadcast and Internet service will be highly un-likely since we will be in barns in the country side. So being there is a must. Live..

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8 Responses to “Breaking News. Partial List Of The Warner Collection.”
  1. Al Benton

    It's good that the list is in both places but this one is easier to "save-as".

    What is a Chris-Craft Flat Deck? Being a 1923, I assume it's their bread & butter runabout (1922-1930). There's a 1929 one on the list too.

  2. Anonymous

    Plenty of rare boats. I've been in the 1929 Dingle 30 footer (called the Gerry Lo). What a boat!

    I'll be at the auction but I am sure I will not be able to bid on anything!


  3. Anonymous

    nahhhhh nothing worth looking at there. I think youre all much better off mowing the lawns that weekend.


  4. Al Benton

    Hey Phil, the lawn quits growing by that time around here. The neighbors would probably call the guys wearing white coats if I try that. We'll have to come up with a better excuse, or just go.