That’s a lot of sky and tall grass.. yes sir re….

Wyoming. Why? Why have we only had one reader one time since we started this web site.. Why..oh…Why…ming? So. we hopped in the Woodyboatermobile and decided to investigate.. and ask around……turns out.. They like motorcycles there… Big time, and trucks.. And cows..Old wood speed boats.. not a one to be found.. mobile web… cell phone coverage.. Anything.. Nope.. Just a lot of stunning vastness of air and tall grass.

Water, grass, and a hat….

I wish I could go on and on and explain that certain boats were… blah blah.. But it really is not that hard to understand once you actually get there.. We did wander into South Dakota on the way home… Ohhh there we have 9 readers this month..

Mt Rushmore, and a hat…

Now I know.. I get it.. And to be honest.. miss it.. Now back to the Warner Collection frenzy…

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3 Responses to “Wyoming? A Road Trip To Meet Our Readers…Reader..”
  1. Al Benton

    We crossed Wyoming last month while cruising around the country in the RV, saw one boat, that was in Yellowstone Lake (not a woody). Possibly the only other natural lake the state has is Jackson Lake, also in a National Park.

  2. Anonymous

    Matt et al, in Alcova, Wyoming there is one of the most beautiful reservoirs ever devised and a gentleman named Charley(last name withheld for privacy reasons) who does some of the most spectacular restorations in the country. Call Dragonfly next time you go and I'll hook you up. He's thiry five miles SW of Casper! Pete.

  3. WoodyBoater

    There ya go! And you get to boat in a glass of water to boot. Dang!