If you are new to the Auction world, you can test out the waters today! eBay! For some reason this week is a good juicy week in the classic boat listings. I suppose it’s getting close to the end of summer and the deals are starting to come out of the wood work. Rim shot goes here… Here are some that called to me.
A nice original patina Peterborough Speedster..

A very colorful Larson All American..

A over the top 1957 Speedliner  M-314

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3 Responses to “There Are Other Auctions Going On… You Can Practice Bidding Now!”
  1. Paul H.

    Damn you Smith, the Peterborough is listed in Edmonton, of all places! Do you have any idea how close that is to Calgary? Now what do I do?


  2. WoodyBoater

    Think of October.. Think one of a kind boats and that.. And how sick you will feel having spent.. Wait.. think of all the space you will… Wait.. Ahh hell buy it..

  3. Texx

    Interesting to see that the winning bid on the 1956 Peterborough Speedster (shown above) was 3,350.00.