Call it what you want, a box set, collector series, whatever.. If you are into collecting boats, then this is a killer way to make a huge splash. Buy all three of the series of the most collectible of Antique boats – Barrel Backs at once. Only on eBay..Click here ..These boats right now are all in excellent condition and all very usable..There are also in consecutive order. Each boat into themselves is a crown jewel to a collection.. But all three together.. Hoooocheemoma!  Now…if you are the sort of guy that just wants to finish one your self.. You can also have that.. Click here

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4 Responses to “Chris-Craft 1940, 1941, 1942 Barrel Backs-The Collector Set For Sale On eBay.. $300,000”
  1. Rick

    3 Barrel Backs and one of them is Sylvia. That alone makes it worth it. Now I just need $299,000 more.

  2. Al Benton

    Even The Warner Collection can't offer a package deal like this one. The individual price tags would well exceed the 300 grand. Such a deal! And Sylvia to boot! Wow!!!

  3. jimmy

    just saw this on the bottom of the page of the latest woody boater post. Couldn’t help clicking on it. But, had to state it’s missing the 4th barrel back a 16′ hydroplane.