This weekend on Lake Chelan, Washington there is very unique event taking place and Woody Boater is on hand to check it out. An exhibition of Vintage Unlimted Hydroplanes and Vintage Inboard Hydroplanes from the 1950’s & 1960’s returns to Lake Chelan for the 16th consecutive year.

For the first time this year, the APBA (American Power Boat Association), The Hydroplane and Raceboat Museum (located in Kent Washington), and Pacific Northwest ACBS are sponsoring a combined event of Vintage Hydroplane Raceboats, Antique & Classic Runabouts, and APBA R/C Model Raceboats. For the Radio Controlled Model Raceboats, this is their big “Norm Evans Gold Cup” race with over 30 boats entered this year. For the record, I have a hard time taking good quality photo’s of full size static boats tied up at the dock… But try to take photos of these R/C boats at speed – Yikes!

Oh Boy! Oberto is one of six beautifully restored Unlimited Hydroplanes that will be running on Saturday.

Miss Wahoo (below) from 1957.

Unless you go to the Hydroplane and Raceboat Museum you just don’t get an opportunity to see these historic boats. We get to see them on the water and will do our best to share the experience with our viewers on Sunday morning.

This region of Washington State produces grapes and premier wines at 15 local vineyards in the Chelan area. Right now it’s “Crush Season” in the local wine industry.

Many of the Antique & Classic boats on hand are from the Pacific Northwest ACBS Chapter, and probably a few from the Columbia Willamette ACBS Chapter.

Ike Kielgass is here with “Nameless” a 1948 Chris-Craft Custom 20′.

And Rob & Susan DaPron are here with “Red Head II” their immaculate 1928 24′ Chris-Craft Triple Cockpit Runabout. A few of these boats made a 50 mile trip to the west end of Lake Chelan on Friday.

Good to see the classic Shepherd “Huckledybuck” again this year.

And “Greyhound” a 1921 Robert Yandt Gentleman’s Racer.

“Four Bits” – We will investigate this name on Saturday…

A very nice Chris-Craft Capri.

And “Miss Sydney” – Wow

Then we noticed this Fixer-Upper in the marina parking lot. I wonder what this fellow is thinking… “Hmmm – A little sanding, a little varnish, a motor, a few pieces of hardware, some interior…”

I am going to attempt to find out what this thing is and will report back on Sunday. If any of our knowledgeable viewer’s can ID this marque – please comment, she’s a sweet ride…

It appears that these hydro guys take this hobby seriously….

Very seriously…. How do they run it through the automatic car wash?

Well Matt, to celebrate the Woody Boater 4th Anniversary we are planning to stop in at the Apple Cup Cafe for some of your favorite home made pie.

There is some kind of Apple Connection here in Chelan too…

One thing for sure, you probably have to have some Big Apples to get behind the wheel of one these Vintage Hydroplanes and go 140. WoooHoooo!

Stay tuned for more from the Vintage Hydroplane Paloosa on Sunday.


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9 Responses to “Vintage Hydroplane Palooza on Lake Chelan – And More”
  1. WoodyBoater

    HA! that is fantastic.. mmm Pie.. Now a woody boater staple… What a great show.. I love that fixer upper, what cool lines…

  2. Paul H.

    Thanks Texx- 625 miles proved to be just a bit too far for us to pull for a 2 day event, but it looks great. Really wish we were there. I am with Matt on the fixer-upper – we need to know what it is.

  3. Al Benton

    Wow! The show attracted quite a few very nice classic Woodys for their first time at it. That's great. Love the classic hydro demonstrations and trials. Add a few classic runabouts and you have a win-win combination.

    They will do the same in Muscatine, Iowa next May, "That Was Then, This is Now" Show. It's the home of the first boat racing on the Mississippi River. It includes an officially marked race course with vintage race boats of all kinds, including the big ones with top name competitors on hand. There will be lots of nice classic runabouts on hand from around the Midwest as well. It will be a fun filled weekend.

    Thanks for the great report, Texx. Can't wait to see what you find out about that cool fixer-upper.

  4. Anonymous

    Awesome post Texx! Oh man I'd love to see those hydroplanes run. When I was just a kid I got a Veiwmaster for Christmas ( remember those ) and in those days you got a paper packet with three discs of 3D pictures. The first one I ever got was of American Hydroplanes. Im going to search through the attic this afternoon and see if I can find them.
    Happy 4th too Matt. I'm sure at times you feel you have created a beast that needs continual feeding. For the rest of us, wellll ……… just keep feeding, because now we cant do without it. Awesome blog Matt, thanks.

  5. Anonymous

    The unfinished boat on a trailer could be a Johnson Boats, White Bear Lake, MN. model designed by Buster Johnson. The plans for this boat are in arcives of the White Bear Lake Historical Society, as Johnson Boats works is no longer in business. Johnson Boats works were famous for thier production of inland scow racing sailboats and a few inboards.


    Lon that owns the "fixer" on the trailer is from Eastern Washington and has been trying to id his boat for years with not much luck. He has a marine Hemi that is planned for the boat. I will look up his contact information if anyone has a lead for him to follow up on. What a great event and thank you Texx for the outstanding coverage.

  7. Skip Talmage

    Wow. For sure the show is very amazing. You'll get to know other wooden boaters too and also, have the chance to see how fashionable their boats are. How I wish I was there too.

  8. jeff sproles

    I have a fiberglass one man hydroplane looking boat about 7 feet long. It says Dolphin on the sticker. anyone know anything about them?