So what happened when fellow Woody Boater Mike Mayer from Lake Oswego Boat Co finally got home from his death march home from the auction? The same thing that happened to all of us.. Except the happy ending.. Thats just pure fiction..

If you are trying to watch this on Firefox, it may not work.. But Safari and Explorer do great..

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5 Responses to “Classic Boat Couple II. The Sequel…. Two Thumbs Up!”
  1. Ken Miller

    ROFLMAO! When I listened to it the first time right at the end where he says, "Yes, Tavares in the Spring would be nice" I thought he said, "Yes, some berries in the Spring would be nice". Maybe I'm not such a young member of the hobby as I thought! LOL. This was great. My wife's gonna definitely see that tonight.

  2. Al Benton

    OK, there must be a generation gap here. I try to keep up but some things just don't seem important. What the heck does LMAO mean? Better go ahead and translate ROFLMAO too.

  3. WoodyBoater

    OMG! Another shift.. HA.. LMAO.. Laughing my ass off.. Add the ROF Rolling on the floor..

  4. Al Benton

    Now I'm with you, I did all those things too. Only my wife tells me I scratched mine off (I need suspenders).

    Yup! The shift is happening. DIFO!