Here is your chance to look at Boat Babes and feel good about it. Click here and you to can help. The this years official 2011 Don’t Turn Your back On Breast Cancer calendar! What a fantastic idea. Your $15 bucks goes to a good cause and you get a calendar.. It’s a Canadian calendar though.. All the dates are in Canadian!

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12 Responses to “The Best Of Both Worlds..”
  1. Anonymous

    All that roundness echos the form of the Falls Flyers. Nice transition!!!

  2. Rick

    Hopefully a new trend that will generate more interest in the hobby. Bring in younger members and keep the older ones around.

  3. Anonymous

    My wife agrees with the cause but still says I can't buy the calendar. Go figure.

  4. Tom

    I told my wife “look, three of my favorite things, Muskoka Canada, Antique and classic boats and ……” she did not think it was funny. I will not be getting a calendar.

  5. rdapron

    I have worked on boats that have cracks on its decks but not of the type pictured. Perhaps in the future a project of that type will come along…

  6. Rick

    I don't think it's original equipment. Will have to check The Essential Guide.

  7. woodboatchick

    and here I thought we were in the 21st century, way past all this sexist crap.. do you offer the male version?? such as Woody Boater Big Johnsons? if not, then you’d better rethink your mission for this website.