It’s been a busy few days in WoodyBoaterville but it appears that folks are visiting the new site by the boat load! And from all over the world too…

We are working on some great new stories, and with the “Schmancy” new technology we can finally experiment with some new ideas and we look forward to your comments. The technology of the Woody Boater site is new and improved, but the content of the stories will continue to smell like varnish, old carburetors and a lean mixture of vintage fiberglass for some variety.

By the way, don’t forget to submit your vote on the Real-Time Live Traffic Feed (below on the left of the page) that Matt has set up.  Keep It or Get Rid Of It?  You can cast your vote anonymously…

Yesterday one of our Fellow Woody Boaters picked up this rare, all original 1959 17′ Feather Craft Islander Express Cruiser from a bone yard up north. It’s not wood, and it’s not fiberglass, but it’s vintage aluminum from the 50’s and it’s another nice example of boating history. So we plan to track the restoration process and watch this old girl come back to life over the next few months. Maybe we can call it “The Reasonably Priced Boat Restoration Project” to prove that the antique & classic boat hobby can still be affordable for the next generation of folks coming in to the hobby.

For more information on the history of Feather Craft Boats click here.

The Woody Boater scooter is tuned up and has some new tires, so we can hit the road in the spring to cover some Antique & Classic Boats Shows, visit some Woody Boaters, Marine Museums, Boat Restoration Shops, and anything we can find that relates to the hobby… So stay tuned folks.


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14 Responses to “Folks Are Visiting Woody Boater By The Boat Load!”
  1. matt

    For the record…. I am not sure I would ride around in a lake with Minute man written on the side of my woody…

  2. matt

    It’s not look’n good for the feedjit live feed deal. It’s mesmerizing and yet.. just wrong. Like seeing a bad wreck.. Oh you want to look, but its a private moment that should be left that way.. Also It also makes me nervous that folks are actually reading this stuff! Oh god! Now I have to actually think about what I say.. Ahhhhhhhh… But you have to admit.. its fun to see where your pals are coming from, and that they are more than just a stat in the stat file.. I am mixed on it.. So Vote away..

  3. anonymus

    I do not know if it was Woody Allen who said it first but I too “would not want to belong to a club that would have me as a member” I can see that this new setup has placed more cookies on my computer. I might have to take a bath after each visit. I will be revealed as a closet woodyboater junkie as you track my many visits to the web page. I know that change does not come easy. I will have to take it one day at a time. Thankyou for all your hard work, glad you are having fun.

  4. WAYNE

    thank you woodyboater for allowing us
    to see and experience through your lens,eyes
    and of course comments a world that we can
    participate in

  5. Rick

    Can I vote multiple times if I spill, I mean clear my cookies? Well at least you have not triggered the auto vote computers yet. Oh, did I say that out loud? Forget I even said anything.

  6. Al Benton

    Another great post, Texx. Now that scooter is what every Woody Boater needs to get around at some of the bigger shows. The new technology here is fun.

    I voted to keep the Real-Time Feed. It doesn’t reveal who’s tuned in, just where in the world they are from, right??? How is that offensive, evasive or creepy? It’s fun stuff to me.

    • Rick

      I don’t so much mind the state but some of us are from some VERY small towns.

      • Anonymous

        I too am good with state but not town. Is there a compromise possible to do state only?

  7. john

    Woodyboater, I have been suggesting your website to everyone I know that is interested in the WB. Great response from my friends, but…. they want to know who you guys are, so I think introductions are in order. I’ve been a follower for a couple of years and you website (new and old) has been a first check in the morning. KUDOS to the WB.

  8. matt

    Sorry about the cookies…mmmm chocolate chip…. any way.. I will see whats up with that.. I am sure its that feedjit thing.. Its like Chuckie… Its eyes follow me everyplace I go.. As to introductions.. Dont look behind the green curtain.. you will only be disappointed.. We are actually auto bots that just spew any contact that our programmers deem worthy.. Plus, other than Texx and I, there are about a dozen folks that make up Woody Boater, and then there are regular commentators that really make it rock.. To single out Texx or I just feels unfair..

  9. Phillip Jones

    Matt you hit the nail, or should I say fearson on the head with this new website .:) I haven’t had time to explore it all yet, but I’m impressd.

  10. Scott Robinson

    Hi Matt,Tex & Crunch, As usual you guys are doing a great job !!! I can’t wait to open up you guys in the morning. This particular postcard is very special to me. We used to vacation in Alton Bay every summer, howver those speed boats were retired long before I was going there, too bad, Scooter

    • Texx

      Thanks for commenting Scott, and it was great to meet you in Winsted. Stay tuned…