It's Classic Boat Heaven in New Jersey out on the ice and in the boathouse!

Thanks to long time Woody Boaters John and Kim Kadimik for showing us all that no matter how cold it gets.. You can still go Classic Boating . It’s Classic Ice Boat time! Here are some nice shots of John and Kim’s very cool Woody Ice Boat.. Or is it a Woody Icer. Or a Icy Boater…. Little Shrinkage Woody Boat?

DN Ice Boat on Lake Hopatcong, NJ

Actually it’s a very original 1973  DN – Detroit News hull # DN1265.. Sadly when these shots were taken there was to much snow.. But soon.. Very soon..

One of the original Vintage Woody Boater Shirts. I shed a tear when I saw this..

You can see more on these cools little Ice Boats here  at the International DN Ice Yacht Racing Association.. Thanks John and Kim..

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9 Responses to “It May Be Warm In Woody Boaterville Today.. But It’s Ice Cold In Ice Boaterville!”
  1. WoodyGal

    Nice boat on a beautiful day! Do I see long sleeves on that Woodyboater shirt? That would sure feel good today!

  2. matt

    Yes that was a prototype one off shirt. Every year we make about 25. Last year was over 60… Wow.. Each year they are different never to be duplicated. I usually have them by MT Dora, this year we will only have them at shows.. The mail order business is no fun..

  3. Al Benton

    It doesn’t stay cold long enough to make one of those too useful in my neck of the woods. Sure looks like fun though (too cold for my old bones).

    A long sleeve Woody Boater shirt would be a good thing. I have several tee shirts but they’re all tucked into a drawer until summer. Bring some to Tavares and I’ll buy a couple of them.

  4. matt

    I had one made for me during the very first round.. The yellow ones. I loved it.. So its a go.. We will have long sleeve ones

  5. newly addicted

    Matt, put me down for two 2X long sleeve and a Medium. MT Dora is getting close! Yooo Hooo!

  6. ARRRGH!

    Matt, if you are taking orders, put me down for two XL long sleeves, and put Woody Gal down for one XS long sleeve! We will make it required crew wear on our boats at Tavares!

  7. matt

    Oh god, what have I started. I am going to make a mess of them this year. And have hem at lake Dora.. With one special Small one..

  8. anonymus

    Lapstrake Banner very nice. Good things come to those who wait. Thanks