Another vote for Lake Huron from fellow Woody Boater Mark Edmonson, his Perfect Lake. Here’s what Mark had to say…

Matt, Thanks for the Awards about Michigan at the end of the year, and the Alex Watson story today is so true. Check out these shots when my family crossed Southern Lake Huron on our 1959 33′ Chris Craft Sportfisherman.

The three day trip was calm…

Fourty Two miles of flat water and Sixteen miles of no site of land…

Clearest water around.

A true “Woody Boater”

The boys loved jumping off the flybridge into 102′ of water.

Thanks for the great web site. Mark

Great shots of your Perfect Lake Mark. We may have to roast the wieners on the stove though, with no land in site.


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3 Responses to “A Vote For Southern Lake Huron – Big Blue”
  1. Alex

    Hi Mark. Lovely boat. What is its story? How did it come to own you (or is it vice versa)? Why not bring it up to Hessel for the Show (always the 2nd Saturday in August). That makes for a fun trip. P.S. Dare I ask what the water temperature was for that 102′ plunge?

    • mark

      It was abot 78 degrees for the first 3′ Then it dropped to about 55 degrees. refreshing

  2. mark

    alex I was restoring a 1946 25 sportsmen when I found the sport fish rotting away in a boat yard in Port huron. With sleeping frrom for the kids and a head we up graded. Been to Hessel for many years with runabouts, and utilities. hope to come up soon to Hessel and Little current. will look you up