Fellow Woody Boater Allen Willey made a video request at the Woody Boater Wishing Well today…  Did we forget to mention that it’s All Request Saturday today?  Allen said…

Hey Matt, how about including a little video link to some woodies we can see and listen to? That will warm the cockles of your woodie heart…..bbbuurrr, the low rumble of those engines pressing through the water….just a thought


So Allen, how about some Woody Video with Blame It On The Bossa Nova, by Eydie Gorme from 1963. I think who ever participated in this video was also trying to win the prize for the most people in a classic boat…   

Blame It On The Bossa Nova by Eydie Gorme

You can also click here to learn everything you ever wanted to know about the song and the artist Blame It On The Bossa Nova

Enjoy, Texx

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3 Responses to “Remember – Blame It On The Bossa Nova?”
  1. Rick

    GREAT VIDEO! Gotta love the sounds coming out of all those exhausts when they’re at speed. Excellent job of photo-shopping the Canadian flags on those boats Texx. Well now I have to go hug my boat. Goodnight all.

  2. Allen Willey

    Thanks Matt…….wow…..great piece….how it warms everyone up for Tavaras soon……..