Twas the night before Dora, when all through the lake, not a gator was swimming, only Fauna and Flora,

When, what to my wandering eyes should appear, but a “Witches Cap” Bow Light, from a Chris-Craft Express…
Freshly restored, which I’m sure will impress.

Woody Boaters were nestled all snug in their beds, while visions of NOS bow lights danced in their heads…
I sprang up from the bed to see what was the matter, must have been the Beef Pot Roast we all had for dinner…

When out on the lawn there arose such a Clatter, Paul’s Bongos were playing, a tune while we bantered,

“We have arrived in Tavares and nothing else matters!”

Live-ish pre-event reports from the Sunnyland Antique & Classic Boat Festival will start on Wednesday PM… Matt’s en route as we speak with “Thayer IV” in tow, hats, banners, video cameras, Woody Boater tee shirts… everything but the kitchen sink.

The weather is looking to be perfect all weekend, so stay tuned.


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19 Responses to “Twas The Night Before Dora…”
  1. anonymus

    Now you’er talking. Bongos!!! That’s Crazy Man. They probably float. Do you have any big ones I could slap the seven and a half on?

  2. Texx

    Ha – To celebrate Matt’s arrival tonight, Paul is going to play his version of “In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida” on the Bongo Drums when he gets here.

    Late last night he was sending messages across the lake to another Gar Wood owner with his Bongo’s…. Like encrypted Bongo Text Messages that only they understood. I think it’s a Gar Wood thing…

  3. randy & ginger

    a woody boat for a shuttle…brillant…not sure about the re-entry though

  4. Dave Anderson

    Texx, The Socal Acbs Boys are wingin their way to to Dora this AM. Have a wonderful time!

  5. Alex W

    Texx: Jim’s Witch’s Cap looks awesome! Can’t wait to see it. Hmmmm. I hope that came across ok.

    Paul H: Had you mentioned bongos in yesterday’s email exchange, I’d have crawled from my death bed and made it over there to the frat house (Woody Woody Boata?) last night. Tell me, how much Witch’s “Brew” do you need to consume before you can play Flight of the Bumblebee on those puppies?

  6. Alex W

    Good people, Matt’s done it again. Zoom in on that header. A rocket would have been lame, cliche, too Florida-centric, too new-school. Instead, he’s launched a woody.

    Matt, is it Sylvia? Have you considered adding “rocket-powered” to the eBay ad?

  7. Tim

    I am relatively new to woody boating and learning all the time. What a great bunch of folks. It was about this time last year that I was traveling across the country to check out and ultimately buy our first boat. Over the past year we took her to three shows and had a blast. I was aware of Mt Dora from the beginning and look forward to going some day. I recognize it as one of the biggest and best of the shows, but, as I read this blog over the past couple of weeks, I am beginning to realize it is so much more than just a big boat show…it is like the “Burning Man” (Google it) of boat shows…we will definitely be there next year (with bongos)

    • Rick

      Extra points if it’s period correct to your boat. And if those bongos have a connection to some old movie, well…….be prepared to defend yourself!!! LOL

    • Texx

      Hey Tim – Welcome to the Woody Boater community, and stay tuned for some cool stuff this weekend and throughout the year…

      Show us your Woody!

  8. Chris

    12′ last night, all flights cancelled, booking one way rental and driving until snow stops and going to nearest airport charter or hijack something that will fly….Carla will not be denied!!!!

  9. Mike M

    I got up at 3AM this morning as excited as a little kid on the night before Christmas anxiously awaiting my trip to Dora. My plane had mechanical issues and we sat on the tarmac for 2 hours before they de boarded us. Now, 3 hours later in my hometown airport we still don’t know if it’s fixed. THis is no fun!

    • Mike M

      Still in the airport…but now I’m having a beer on Delta! Victory? I don’t think so. Happy? Getting closer. I should make it to the frat house at around 9AM if I don’t go straight to the symposium.

  10. matt

    We made it in one piece. In the header is thayer IV and she is now here in fla!