A few more images from the 2011 Sunnyland Antique Boat Festival on Saturday. “Ju$t 1 More” is a classic blond deck 1949 Century Seamaid 17’owned by John Heiderich from Anderson, SC.

Below, here’s Matt heading out for a Full Throttle ride in “Swigs” – Wait until you hear his version of the story, it’s very cool.

The Amphicar guys always put on a good show at Sunnyland, and this year was no exception. mmm Pizza…


And you knew it was just a matter of time before somebody turned an Amphicar into a Rat Rod – Amphicar…

“Rum Runner” with the air conditioned cabin…

Gene Porter’s classic 23′ Lyman Sleeper, “True North” – Gene’s from Nashua, NH.

My new friend from Memphis, Tennessee, Norman Blackey aboard “Jr” his 1927 Chris-Craft that his mother gave him 76 years ago. More on Norman in a future story.

A very cool 1955 Feather Craft 15′ Vagabond complete with 50 HP Mercury outboard, owned by Jim Dunn, from Apopka, Florida.

An innovative way to display your twin outboards for sale…

An Alan Jackson fan… Watching as “Hoochie Coochie” is being launched.

Often referred to as a Big Water Boat designed and built in Canada for use on the Great Lakes, “Despina” is a beautiful example of a 1957 Shepherd 27′ Commuter. She is owned by Grant Reynolds from Toronto, Canada.

Stay tuned for more coverage from the Sunnyland show on Sunday.


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13 Responses to “2011 Sunnyland Antique Boat Festival Saturday – Part II”
  1. Mike M

    Anybody know where the exhaust pipe on the Century in the first photo?

    • Jack Schneiberg

      That boat would be a 1949 (notice dash bezel just to the left of the steering column-only year that happened). And, I believe it has the special fireball 160, or 190 hp Gray in it with twin exhausts exiting the flanks on the port side.

      • John Heiderich

        Jack is exactly right. I have the 160 Fireball 244 cu. in. triple carbs with the split exhaust on the port side. It is one of only five made with that exhaust.

        • Texx

          Thanks for commenting Jack & John. Those blond Seamaids are great looking classic runabouts!

          • Mike M

            Good job guys. You’re right. 1949 Seamaid with the 160HP gray.

  2. Dave PIckard

    Great work Texx and all the guys! I can see myself there in only 51 weeks, COUNT DOWN begins! Enjoy the rest of your time there.

  3. anonymus

    Beautiful boats, Mr. Porter is rocking that 23 footer. Love those pre 1961 Lyman hulls. I am running out to the shed and hug our Lymans.

  4. anonymous

    I have never understood the “1927” Chris-Craft that was built in 1931? I really need to ask that guy about it.

  5. Phillip Jones

    Matt why is SWIG leaning to port so much in the photo??????????? And were you holding on to anything in your lap area:):)

  6. Ken Miller

    I saw that lead photo with the boat named “Ju$t 1 More” and thought this was gonna be another Pat Curtin story.