One part of the kitchen

Thank god for counter space

Texx and I were just talking and to be honest and candid, we feel like we let you down. Now… we had a fantastic time. Don’t get me wrong. maybe to good of a time. OK, not maybe… we really had a good time. We rarely had one second to sneak away and do a story, or post an image. Regardless of technology issues. We can usually slip out and grab some web from someplace. Only this time, it was a 24/7 deal. From photo shoots at sunrise to other diversions at night. In fact I am surprised we got anything out at all. There would be a party of 30 or so folks and we are sitting at a table trying to get a story out.

Workn while they are playn

All this is good… for Texx, and I, but not fair to you. And for that.. we have only one thing to say.. We are sorry… We are sorry you didn’t get off your frozen ass cheeks and come down.. many did.. so next year.. no excuses.. The suds are on us… no literally, I am still trying to get things clean.. Wooohoooo!

Some of the Chris Craft Antique Boat Club showed up at the tent for a photo. Say Bungs!

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12 Responses to “Sorry, We Wanted To Do So Much More!”
  1. allen

    Kool, Matt, yeah I know we should have come… year for sure….you guys do a great job ins spite of all those obstacles on the bar…… boater babes at the show this year or do we have to watch the Canadian guys web ??? LOL… safe or maybe you are home already. Thanks for all the photography in advance….the video was cool too.


  2. Texx

    Thanks Matt, I feel bad too. I think one day we should do a story “A day in the life of Woody Boater – Voyage if the Damned”

  3. anonymus

    At least you were recycling all those beverage bottles. We will take whatever scrapes you have left over after you come out of reentry.

  4. Randy Rush-Captain Grumpy

    I think Texx is right, a story on your day start to finish!

  5. Wilson Wright


    Wonder who bought or brought the beer…Thanks !

    Also…That was a great Thurs eve party you sponsored at the antique mall…You attracted lots of folks and I enjoyed it. Thanks for that one too..

    Nuther subject…What does Alex Trebek know ? Lady said on tonight’s Jeopardy show she was going to giver her winnings to her husband to finish restoring his 16′ classic boat. Alex says it has to be 26 or 28 ft to be a classic

  6. Dave p

    Must be a Canadian conversion, or Trebek should stick to hockey

  7. Dave c

    With all those “Empties”, how do you know you had a good time ?

  8. Dave Anderson

    Too many Boats..Babes..Brews..Bench Racing..and Bitchin Times! Thanks Guys!!!

  9. Paul H.

    Matt & Texx-

    The story is the people you meet and the things you do while you’re there as much as it is pictures of boats. Just because it is not near real-time does not mean a particular story is diminished or less valuable in many cases. I saw how busy you guys were, and assimilating social aspects of the hobby are a huge key in you getting access to many of the stories and the boats in the first place. How could you have managed all the committments you had if you spent hours sequestered away doing a single story. How many future stories would you have missed by focussing on some arbitrary near-term deadline for a single story?

    You have to run like hell at these shows and build a bank of stories and pictures, and I don’t think you failed to meet expectations at all. Stories are more than pictures from a boat show, they are also stories and history that takes time to learn. They also take time and energy to build. I think you need to manage your own expectation of yourselves, and if the readers think you let them down, they will certainly tell you. Maybe some have done so, but you have to look at everyting you take out of weeks like the one just past.

    I can’t wait for the Junior story – look at the time that one took to pull together!

  10. Bob Miracle

    MIRACLEPHOTOGRAPHY reporting for duty Sir. We will arrive on Wednesday and will start shooting on Thursday. Follow us on our web page for all of the pictures that we take. Go to Boats/ACBS/New River Air Station after opening our web page. We will upload every night provided there is not a problem with the internet connection.
    Matt & Texx will be putting up pictures and stories about the show.

    It was good to see some or you at Sunny Land. We are looking forward to this year providing pictures for Woodyboater. Thanks for the support that you have given us.

    Robert and Linda Miracle