Fellow Woody Boater Joel Terbrueggen from The Antique Boat Center came across these one of a kind photos down at Lake Dora from a gentleman named John Webber from Wisconsin. John is a member of the Antique Outboard Motor Club.  John found an old Mercury Service Manual. There was an envelope in it with negatives. John took a look and saw it had boats in it. So he had them printed and has lost the negatives, so the prints are the only record. And Thanks to Joel and his scanning ability, We now have them for the world to see. There is something special about seeing images like this through a normal eye rather than some retouched factory image of the day. Here it is, untouched, raw just as taken back in the day. Note the sedans. These are extremely rare.

These must be real. These guys eat food!

More images to come later today. Ya didn’t think I wouldn’t milk this for more clicks did ya.. I would have published on an hr if i could get away with it..

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11 Responses to “Never Published Gar Wood Factory Photos!”
  1. don vogt

    Neat pictures. What is the model in the 5th picture down from the top? thanks.

  2. Al Benton

    Looks like they could have used some of that Krazy Glue on the boat in the first photo before shipping.

  3. chad

    Cool Photos! Judging from the models pictured, it looks like 46-47 production in the Newport News, VA plant.

    Photo #5 looks like a Deluxe Runabout (17.6′ or 18′). You can see another one in photo #7.

  4. Rabbit

    I’d like to pretend that somewhere in there is my ’47 Ensign.

  5. Texx

    We are planning to do a story on a fellow that owns a 1946 19’6″ Gar Wood runabout on Thursday.


    Love the pictures of the Sedan’s! I would blow that up full size and hang on the workshop wall. Talk about inspiration.

  7. Natashia

    You could totally get away with publishing one per hour! We’re all so addicted that we would be counting down the minutes… Post more soon!