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On the surface this listing on the Trading Dock seems extravagant. A complete chrome set for a U22 for $3,500. But wait. There’s more. A very cool soft top and all the hardware. Now you say. I have a complete set on my U22. Why have two sets? Look closer. Its all fresh chrome. Including the windshield. In a hart beat I would have done this deal. Except that on the Thayer IV it is critical that I leave the hardware alone. But on your Thayer 16 it’s OK. Have some spare parts or sell your old chrome on eBay in parts and double your money. Don’t want that soft top.?I’ll take that off your hands. So in a way you can make money on this deal. Here is the listing on the trading dock. But hurry… I am still wondering..wandering… if I should do it.

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11 Responses to “A Fantastic Deal For You U22 Restorers!”
  1. chad

    Matt, I say buy a grey U-22 for $500. Rebuild her, and slap this new shiny hardware on it.

    Thayer IV can be your movie prop. And Thayer V can be the U-22 that you’ve always dreamed of owning.

  2. matt

    No kidding. My dream U22 is a nice restored one with a ceder inside. And a BRAND NEW fuel injected engine.

  3. John Rothert

    Good strategy, I often buy stuff on EBAY and rechrome it, then replace my old stuff. allows you to keep on boating while upgrading. My only problem is I never get around to selling the takeoffs….have a chicken house full of CC stuff.

  4. matt

    So I guess its not such an in a hurry type deal. Or one of the ads tht never gets taken down

  5. Bill Basler

    This is a for real, honest, current ad. The original U-22 burnt down to the keel in a fire. I cannot remember the exact story, but I believe the boat was undergoing restoration at the time. All of the hardware including the bikini had been removed and was being stored in the owners house, awaiting a trip to the chrome plating shop. As it turned out there was nothing left of the boat to mount the hardware back on. Not even for a U-22 bar.

    • Bill Basler

      Ha. In looking at the ad again, I guess it does say most of this! I talked with the owner not too long ago…still available.

  6. Al Schinnerer

    Bill, it’s a good thing that the bikini was removed. At what stage of a hot time did that happen?

  7. mfine

    Matt, you know any good movie boat needs a backup. You can buy this for your second unit U-22 when Thayer IV needs to be in two places at once.