Our version of the Royal Woody Boater Hat.

One obvious thing missing from the royal wedding. Skipper caps! With all the whacked out hats, Ya would think.. At least one person would have had one of the skipper caps.. … Very disappointed…

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10 Responses to “Nice Wedding. But..”
  1. matt

    Thats the look I was going for.. We had the windshild down for just a second

  2. Rick

    Just goes to show ya. The royals have all these advisers and obviously not one of them could remember the skippers hats. How many times do people have to be reminded to always check with Matt or Texx at WoodyBoater BEFORE they hold a major event. These people just give me a headache.

  3. WoodyGal

    Love the hat! I was expecting a live report from Kyle Smithson. So now I’m just sitting here in my captains hat & Royal WoodyBoating finery! Guess I’ll go to the grocery store, bummer.

  4. Jack Schneiberg

    Well Guys – I think the hat would look better with a little more refined adornment – something like the flying lady hood ornament from a Stutz!!! Or, whatever……………….

  5. Al Schuinnerer

    Stutz? How about the Dodge mermaid? After all, this is WOODYBOATER.

  6. Al Benton

    Nice adornments, looks a little more NA than UK though. HAD I been invited and IF I would have accepted I would have been proud to wear it.

  7. Alex

    You missed out.

    You coulda just shown up wearing that hat, introduced yourself as “Sir Thayer The Fourth of Chrismore,” and had the run of the place.

  8. Phil Jones

    I heard they tried to get hats, and YELLOW WOODYBOATER T-SHIRTS but Noooooooo they are just not avalible anymore. :):):)