We received an e-mail a few minutes ago asking us if anyone is interested in these two classic Lymans, which have been repossessed. They are reported to be 1959 & 1964 Lyman’s that, if not spoken for by the end of the day, will be disposed of on Tuesday.

It would be a shame to see them sent to the burn pile. Might make a good project for Junior this summer!

Note – Dog Not Included… But you can click on the image to enlarge it.

If you are interested you can contact Jean Ditter directly at:


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10 Responses to “You Can Save These Lymans Today – But Not Tomorrow!”
  1. m-fine

    What is the point of repossesing something to destroy it? If they were closer (and my wife was in an exceptionally good mood) I would take them off their hands, maybe even give them a few grand in exchange.

  2. Texx

    Don’t shoot the messenger – We are just trying to help save a few old boats.

    • m-fine

      When looking for someone to shoot, the messenger is usually the most convenient option.

  3. Bill Basler

    I think we may have learned about these boats bit late in the process. I do not know how long ago they were repossessed, nor do I know what steps had been taken prior to move them along. They are known to us now, and it would be great to find them a home. The “destroy” date is probably somewhat negotiable as long as an interested party can be found and a pickup date established.

  4. RiverRat

    Holy Crap. Why is it that the free boats are not really free. The gas bill from NJ to Iowa is prohibitive. If anyone is coming east I could meet you in PA or I have a drop off spot in west Michigan. I would really go for that pre 1961 17 footer at the top of the page. I hope someone takes them and saves me from myself. Pleease!!!!

  5. jerri

    Just forwarded this info to friends. I’m hoping Bill is right about the disposal date.

  6. Chris


    This is Chris with the hard top Sea Skiff you wrote the article about a while back. My brother just contacted Jean about the boats. We will see what we can do. I’d take one of them but I already have a project.


  7. Bill

    I just got word from Jean that both boats have been spoken for. $750.00 for the pair, from a buyer who does not have to tow ’em more than a couple of hours.

  8. m-fine

    TIf the engine is any good, that is a fantastic price. I just hope those trailers hold up until he gets them home!