20110624-120800.jpgSo the boatress says hey let’s go see Alan Jackson.. And I think. Wow sheis into this boat thing big time now. Sure I say. Thinking we are gonna see Alan Jackson’s boat collection. “flat Top” that cool gar wood racer…and more…. What the.. He sing songs. Good songs.. Who knew that? I thought he was just another one of us nut jobs that liked classic boats. So here I am in Colorado . No water near us for a gillion miles listening to Alan Jackson sing his heart out… And not a friekn boat in site….

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17 Responses to “Alan Jackson Sings Songs… What The Heck!”
  1. Greg Lewandowski


    Say high to Alan from all your friends in Algonac. Tell him to bring his Gar Wood to the show next year and he can give you a ride. On my way to Algonac!


  2. RiverRat

    Aren’t there country and western boat songs? Like my sinking heart or you pulled my drain plug or our love will float forever or ……

  3. Jim Staib

    Does Alan look OK? He has 4 full pages of boats for sale in the recent CLASSIC BOATING. His house is for sale too. Sounds like woody boater blues!

    • matt

      He looked fantastic. Maybe he is down sizing.. I think he has kids in school. Nothing more lonely than a 30 million dollar home with no kids in it..

  4. Carla

    Matt and Susie,

    BUT…did he perform “Drive” – my personal favorite and the anthem to classic boats/cars! I never pass up a chance to see Alan if he’s within 500 miles from home!

  5. matt

    Yes he did .. This guy is the best writer on the planet. No one turns a phrase like him. And.. He doesn’t have to worry about spelling!

  6. Don Ayers

    Seen him twice and he is a great performer. Always wanted to do a Brass Bell story but can’t get to him. He is very private I understand but why couldn’t he creep the door open just a bit to talk about classic boats. I don’t have any interest in his professional day job, just boats!

    Happy B-Day Suzie. Can’t wait to see you guys at Tahoe. It’s going to be a blast

    • jerri

      Don, Maybe a story about the boats he’s donated or sold (soon). Itty Bitty is down here in the Blue Ridge Chapter. New owner’s are a wonderful couple.

  7. RRG

    Don….ill see if I can get some doors open so you can possibly interview him for the Bell.

  8. randy & ginger

    how cool could that be!

    we would enjoy hearing the story of his boats..what attracted him to the different ones; how did the family enjoy using them, hope there is a fun story about how he found some of them (maybe going down the road, spotting an old barn…)

    no doubt in our minds that he would be as nice in person as we imagine him to be; he strikes us as a “what you see – is what you get” type of man…what’s not to like!

    and that don would do a great story…

  9. Larry FORGET

    …The FIRDAY night before he was performing in CHATTANOOGA, Tn on the waterfront , Peole could sit in their boats. . People said it was great…!