20110709-030000.jpg Say howdy to Miss Sparta Aderienne Marcino who blessed us all with a appearance. Posing on multiple show winner miss Mohawk with the magnificent backdrop of Lake Mohawk..


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9 Responses to “Miss Sparta On Lake Mohawk on Miss Mohawk..”
  1. Al Benton

    Well, after studying the photos for a while I finally noticed that she is indeed posing in a great looking Woody Boat. She certainly brightened the scenery, and Miss Mohawk on Lake Mohawk today. Wish I was there…

    Congrats to Miss Sparta, Adrienne Marcino.

    • Al Benton

      I think you’re right!!! My wrist doesn’t bend that way though (well only when playing basketball).

  2. Texx

    Congratulations to Adrienne Marcino – Miss Sparta, she looks great aboard a classic wooden boat.

    High school senior Adrienne Marcino, 18, was crowned the winner of the 74th annual Miss Sparta Pageant on Sunday, June 12. Sixteen young women competed at the Lake Mohawk Country Club in one of the town’s oldest traditions. (Courtesy of the Sparta Independent)

    I’m sure glad it was “Miss Sparta” and not “Miss Mohawk”, I would have become confused again…

    • Al Benton

      Just to keep it straight, it’s Miss Marcino, crowned Miss Sparta, aboard Miss Mohawk, on Lake Mohawk, at Lake Mohawk Country Club (somewhere in NJ).

  3. Texx

    So… Were the boats in the parade considered “Floats?”