OK.. We need a longer summer.. And certainly more weekends. This weekend if you want to go to a classic boat show. This weekend is a mother load.. But here is a problem for us here at Woody Boater.. Which one? So.. Tune in and find out.. We hear Skaneatles is an amazing show with the tops in care from amazing volunteers.. South Lake Tahoe.. Could be the winner… Port Huron.. Love that blue water..Meredith NH, ya gotta be were there this weekend. if you live near by…. Now.. After this weekend.. We are for sure going to Clayton and having fun at the auction.. With Jim Scott…Bring a trailer…. And then whisking off to the Big Lake Tahoe Concourse Delegance .. We all will be there..For the first time at one place..  Texx, The Woody Boatress, The Boulder Buraeu.. “Stuck on the side of the road reporter” Paul Harrison and his secret weapon Karen, Don Ayers,  Mike Mayer from Lake Oswego boat company will be there.. All the Woody Boater regulars..This never has happened.. We came close in Lake Dora.. So.. Stay tuned.. Comment away… We are going Woohoooody Boat’n

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13 Responses to “Skaneatles,Tahoe,Winnipesauukee, Port Huron.. then Clayton next week… No wait.. one more Tahoe”
  1. Jim Frechette

    Wish I could be in Tahoe. It has to be cooler than it is here!

    • ARRRGH!

      Yup. We echo that, Jim. Surely do wish we could join the gang, but our spirits will be there for sure!

  2. WoodyGal

    I will also be there in spirit! I hope Matt bottles a little cool fresh air to bring back to VA! “WOOHOODY” wish I had thot of that!

  3. Randy Rush-Captain Grumpy

    I agree , there isnt enough weekends during the summer. Ill be on the the docks In Meredith supplying story and photos . Yah, maybe some of the other boats too. Have a great Woody Boater weekend!

    • m-fine

      He came surprisingly close on Skaneateles which I think few in the fingerlakes area could spell.

  4. Philip Andrew

    I cant bare it. It snowed here yesterday. The coldest day in the Capital since records where kept.

    • Texx

      Hey Phil – It’s snowing in New Zealand… Use some your air miles and come join us in Tahoe for the Concours.

      I promise we will get you out on the lake in an antique boat, you can even water ski if you want…

      • Philip Andrew

        Texx theres only one thing stopping me coming over and thats the launch of our new baby due on the 11th Aug.