Big texx In The Woody Boater Thrown In Tavaras..

Texx is on his trusty Woodyboatercycle headed from Canada to Tahoe .. he will be reporting from the road.. So stay tuned this weekend.. Texx plans on touring boat shops and marinas along the way.. Or not.. Ya just never know with Texx.. He is one with the wind..

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2 Responses to “Bring Out Your Woody Boats…Hide Your Womens…Texx Is On The Road..”
  1. Chris / Hagerty

    OK Texx, We hope to see some fantasy boats…sinkers, floaters….stay close to the coast….Carla said she will have Champaigne at the finish line……

    • Al Benton

      Texx, your motorcycle license plate expired 7 months ago. That should make for some interesting stops along the way to Lake Tahoe….