4 Responses to “Goooooood Morning Clayton!”
  1. m-fine

    Fluffers? You mean the people in the porn industry who work off camera to BEEEEP BEEP BEEP BEBEEEEEP? If they are out in force that would not make Clayton Classaay!

    BTW, S&P just downgraded my credit rating from DDD to DD+ so I am going to have to reduce my auction bids. If you see a 20 ft custom with a new 5200 bottom, I will now bid $9500. You commission will stay fully intact however.

  2. Woody

    Well. I could not think of a better name, I struggled with this. But in the end.. These in some cases where folks that worked behind the scenes rubbing someones woody before the judging.. And usually some one gets screwed and someone leaves with a big smile of satisfaction!

  3. Frank Miklos

    Nice photo of Me & Larry Turcotte and the boat’s owner, William Mack. (third photo) Just a note I am adjusting my glasses!…

    The boat is a untouched 1959 Chris Craft 24′ Sportsman..(last photo) The only thing done to the boat was re-varnishing the hull and re-painting the bilge (I don’t know why this was done)… All original paper work and tool kit spare sparkplug, Head never used , original roll of TP with it. Only 178 hours on the hull…

    A very cool boat…