Texx is in search of this combo.. Know where it is?

Texx reported in from Hell this morning, but could not get internet.. Actually currently in a place called Hells Canyon, Idaho en route to Lake Tahoe on his Woody Boatercyle. In search of the above boat car combo.. I can’t decide if I would want to find it or not.. It’s comforting to know that it’s just not this generation that like a little… lot of bling.. Texx reported that it’s 112 in the shade, and the hotel has bad internet.. One bar! Now this may all seem a tad confusing.. Wasn’t Texx in Tahoe already? Ya see, this is the mystery of Texx. El Lobo, The Wild One.. Just A man and his trusty WoodyBoaterCycle…He was in tahoe last week, then drove home..900 miles for a meeting, and then turned around.. and headed back..for this weekends show.. Stopping along the way to scrape bugs off his teeth, apply hemeroid cream and visit boat shops along the way. The only thing that seems to be stopping Texx is internet service.. The stories that are coming are full, rich and funny.. I will and can say that Texx has even had to do the unthinkable.. Yes, and it involves a wild night of driving around and finely sleeping with… well.. it’s a low point.. But amazing what one will do for some sack time.. It ain’t pretty.. That story soon.. Stay tuned.. more from the road as soon as he finds that darn Internetter machine!

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23 Responses to “On The Road To Hell, Texx Can’t Find Internet!”
  1. Not Rick

    He jumps on his bike at midnight and all you see is a skeleton on a flaming hog rolling down the road. No wait that’s Ghost Rider. There’s a whistled theme song and he steps out of the mist. No that’s Clint Eastwood. Oh I know. He rides over 3600 miles on a Harley to report on shows many of us can only dream about. Now that’s a modern day hero. Go Texx! The man must have caluses on hit pitootie.

    • brian

      Sweet Mary. After 3600 miles on a Hog are we gonna see Texx on late night television advertising his “buns of steel” video? Oh the humanity.

      Maybe Randall from the Honey Badger series is available for the voice overs…..

  2. Ken Miller

    It doesn’t bode well for the driver of that car when the waterline of the Cobra (sitting on TOP of its cradle, on TOP of a trailer) is nearly above the open bubble top of the car….especially with the shallow grades in THAT photo. That car will be in reverse for six hundred yards on a boat ramp before the Cobra is afloat. By then the tow vehicle might be afloat as well. Makes me appreciate my SuperDuty.

    • m-fine


      You just have to know how to launch properly. Key word is launch. You line up with the ramp, then unhook the bow line and any other tie downs. Accelerate backwards to about 35 mph, then just as the stern of the boat is over the water, hit the brakes…HARD. If done properly, the rear wheels stop right on the water line, and the boat lands in the water and not on the dock.

  3. Mike M

    Matt…nice work! You’re in “the zone”…..keep typing!

  4. Woody

    Wow! There ya go Texx! The power of woody boater. I smell a road trip. Dang!

  5. Woody

    We are going to look into this. If John says it’s so.. It’s so!

  6. Boat Guy

    That is such a cool picture. It is hart to tell whether that car is coming or going. Love that boat too. I am building one right now. Those wood boats are like floating history!

  7. Texx

    Matt – Should I make a U-Turn a start heading towards Ohio? If I leave right now I can be there by Thursday night-ish…

  8. m-fine

    Relax Texx, Matt is closer to this assignment. Stay on the left coast for now.

  9. Frank Miklos

    There was an article on this boat in Powerboat quarterly magazine in 1960. The title of the article is “THE GOLDEN COBRA”. It was written by famed car builder George Barris (of Batmobile fame). Jim Street is the only original Cobra owner to still have his boat… (his name back then was Jim Skonzakes.) This boat was also featured in one of the books that classic boating put out in the 1990s… The engine in the boat is a 58 eldorado engine with a GMC 371 blower and 4 stromberg 97 carbs.. here is a link to one of the photos from the 1960 article Here is a link to one of the photos from the classic boating book.

    Top speed of this boat is listed in the 1960 article as 74mph… It has also been reported that the bottom hull design was changed back in this time period to allow for greater speed (no confirmation of this as of yet)…

    More on Cobras can be seen here..

      • Frank Miklos

        No not this time I put brackets around the links like you would in an email (or use to have to do.) html hides this stuff… I made another post…