There are no words that I am capable of misspelling that can describe Lake Tahoe and Sierra Boat Company.. Mix all that together with Rows and Rows of flawless Gar Woods and I am not sure what to say.. Pictures don’t do the show justice.. The light is intence and boats very tightly parked.. Docked whatever.. We are going to try and take photos in the morning when the light is more helpful . But still it’s almost impossible to capture.. I know this is not much help to the readers parked in Omaha.. But it’s all I can think of right now.. Perfect.. Texx of course can see it all clearly since he is judging and been here a bunch of times. But it’s my first time.. Man oh man!

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4 Responses to “I Am Speechless… And Photoless.”
  1. Chris Wise

    Deep breath…..steady…..deep breath….

    Looking forward to whatever you capture for us, but don’t forget to capture this moment for yourself!

    Have fun.

  2. Matt

    Not yet. Haunt seen her yet either. I stopped by the drug store and picked upmsome diapers… I am going to need them

  3. Texx

    The Hamster said that Thunderbird will be at the boat show on Friday, we can hardly wait – she’s very cool…