I dont know where to start.. So let’s start at the end.. While Texx is gathering up the awards to publish .. Here is a shot of Terry Fiest chief judge with Texx on Thunderchick.. I cant even start on that or it will turn into a book.. For right now just boats and photos …the readers digest version of the day. Yes just one day…

That is the woody boatress in the back ground and the woody boater boulder bureau boater babe and the heir to the woody boater empire the boulder bureau himself..

20110813-055623.jpg 20110813-055728.jpg 20110813-055748.jpg 20110813-055822.jpg 20110813-055858.jpg

Ok that’s just the last hr of the day.. Here is more from earlier.. All these are teasers to bigger stories.. This one is a secret trip into the back rooms of Sierra boat company.. Dear god .. Heaven has motors in it…

20110813-060216.jpg 20110813-060240.jpg 20110813-060305.jpg 20110813-060347.jpg

More to come including a big surprise winner of a big woody.. One of 8 made for this year this is only the fourth one handed out…

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One Response to “To Much Good Stuff From Tahoe!”
  1. Philip Andrew

    ahhhhhh and rest. Nice work fellas.
    Tomorrow night Im standing up in front of 400 people at the ‘
    ‘ Wellington on a plate ‘ dinner and doing my Petcha Kucha bit on Woody Boats. This has set me up!.
    Safe trip home .