Monterey California.. Reporter on the scene Brian Robinson reporting in. Here are some of the results so far.

No sale on the Dodge,
Madera sold for 35k
Hacker no sale
Dee Wite in photo up top sold after auction ended…no price known

Stay tuned for up to date reporting… Or just watch it on tv…

Update – Phantasy II Sells at Auction for 80K!

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3 Responses to “Mecum Auction Action Already Underway!!”
  1. Scott Ales

    Thanks Brian! Here are the official stats. thus far.

    1933 Dodge 301 no sale
    1933 Chris Craft Split Cockpit $35,000 SOLD
    1938 Chris Craft Custom Special Race $80,000 SOLD
    1931 Dee Wite Split Cockpit $18,500 SOLD
    1948 Hackercraft no sale

    • water nymph


      how high had the dodge & hacker get to before the bidding ended on them?

      • Dave

        The Dodge got up to $9,000, which was JUST short of reserve. The Hacker got to $48k, also did not reach reserve. Neither Riva sold, nor did the Stancraft, the Philbrook, or the Gar Wood.