Ya know that guy that takes his sea skiff out 30 miles to catch fish.. Well, this years new biggest balls winner..again… David Konick is at it again.. This time having some intimate time with Irene.. He has been snapping shots and all day from the beach near Deleware


Ya the mail man keeps the mail going.. Hurricane and all…. It’s a tad insane here.. The boa tress went out shopping.. What the hell.. Came home with some new shoes..


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7 Responses to “Biggest Balls Winner Takes On A New Challenge!”
  1. matt

    We can all thank Texx for finding those.. NOW, what Texx was looking for to find these is an entirely new story.

    • Texx

      Fellow Woody Boater Casudi from Lopez Island (Seattle) sent us the image of those fashionable duck-pumps, which came via Jennifer Williams on Google+…

  2. Andy Baldwin

    Dave Konick scares the hell out of Peggy and me. He’s a great guy and was a great colleague in Russia up to 12+ years ago and is still a good friend. He rebuilt the seaskiff that seems to have become his life and is undoubtedly much more fun than just being an attorney I’m sure. We continue to wish him good luck and congratulate him and follow the story from this side of the Atlantic.