Katz's marina on Lake Hopatcong..

Here I am early this morning, in the dark for the past couple days, dealing with my crap, and pow! the lights come on.. I made the mistake of turning on the TV, and to my horror, all my favorite places up north are just now dealing with the hell that those of in the south have been dealing with. Only they are dealing with it in a different way, while we have tree’s downed and 100mph winds.. They are under water.. Lots of water. Proving that there is never a place safe from the wrath of mother nature.. Hurricanes on Lake Hopatcong. In a million years I would have never put those two things together. Yet… Here we are.. The images are from Seth at Katz’s marina. Send in yours today…

Here is a shot of katz's marina from last year in the fall.. Looks like about 3-4 feet of extra water in the Lake. OUCH!

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4 Responses to “Just When You Thought It Was Safe To Go Back In The Water… MORE WATER!”
  1. DonD

    Wow, thats gotta be all rain. I believe Lake Hopatcong is something like 900ft above sea level (didn’t think New Jersey could do that, did you)?

    They will pull a couple of boards out of the dam (when authorities downstream allow) and hopefully return to normal quickly?

  2. m-fine

    The only issue I see is the water level is still too low to go boating in that nice Chris Craft.

  3. Chris / Hagerty

    When Water becomes the enemy……lots of post Ilene reports…Lake George docks wiped out….lakes 150 miles from coast flooded, we will likely see more damage on policies from inland locations that anything we covered on the coast…..Matt, sorry for the dents and scratches, please post any unusual photos…

  4. Mark

    So…how about that sea trial? We can do it right in the parking lot.

    Wow – that’s wild!!