Arn't they beutiful.. Washers.. just beutiful washers.. Stainless washers..

Why, why waste the top readership day- Monday on a boring story on Stainless steel washers.. Why.. because I don’t need any more drama in my life. Between traveling to  Tahoe, Clayton, an Earthquake, and Hurricane, My truck getting clobbered and now the tree that did that damage is the reason my part of the city has had NO power for 2 days.. I just want to do a story on something that does what it says it will do.. Its a washer.. That’s it. Stainless steel to boot. No rust, no fuss, no drama! You just put the screw through it and tighten.. Wait, don’t over tighten on the bright work as this eBay listing suggests, you will dig into the varnish.. OH god.. No! Oh all that sanding and coats after coats of varnish.. ruined because ya torqued the screw to tight.. Oh god.. why can’t life just be boring.. If you will excuse me now, I am going into the garage and watch some varnish dry on a paddle I am refinishing.. Ahhh drying varnish and some soft music.. Abba.. Eagles, some Bread, …shhhh varnish is drying..WAIT, is that a sag,, dust.. Oh nooooo.. Turn up the Gordon Lightfoot.. Sundown, … la la la la..

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14 Responses to “Stainless Stell Washers- Quite Possibly The Most Boring Woody Boater Story Ever!”
  1. Randy Rush-Captain Grumpy

    This is a good story for today. I dont want to deal with fallon or is it felled trees? I replaced about a hundred of these washers on my boat. After the first hard rain I realized half of them were zinc nickel and not stainless. So strip all of them off and replace again.

  2. SS Dave Pickard

    What would one use these washers for? And are sure they’re not grommets ??

  3. Frank Miklos

    Some of the washers were originally brass chrome plated and some were just nickel plated…
    I think gromlets is a name for these but the most common name is finish washers…

    Also Stainless “Stell” in headline? Here is your headline… Stainless Stell Washers- Quite Possibly The Most Boring Woody Boater Story Ever!

  4. jacksupholstery

    Here’s a little tip. When using these “finish washers” to hold down upholstery or flooring try this.
    If you are using ,let’s say, a #6 washer and screw, use a #6 stainless flat washer beneath the finish washer. The flat washer is smaller in diameter that the finish washer so the edge won’t show but the head of the screw will tighten against the flat washer first. The flat washer will have most of the holding power. I will prevent the finish washer from cutting the vinyl or flooring..etc..

    • Texx

      Hey Jack – I was delighted to see that you posted an upholstery tip on Woody Boater today!

      Thanks for sharing your vast knowledge with our viewers…

      Just the other day as I was riding back from Lake Tahoe on my H-D, I was thinking “Maybe we should do a story on Jack’s Upholstery?” – Really… Ha

  5. SS Dave Pickard

    No boring subjects! Just unimaginative people. But none of that goin on here! Thanks for the info

  6. Joel

    For years I’ve been doing what jackupholstery wrote. Except I prefer to use brass washers. They are a little thicker and give a bit more protectiobn to the surrounding surface.