Saving all the right parts, thats what its all about.. More like a face lift..

Here are the latest snaps of Mariah undergoing massive surgery at Katz’s House of Beauty. WOW! Work is progressing quickly. The pictures speak for themselves.OK it’s not like they talk.. Its just that what you see is whats going on.. If they could talk, they would be saying….screaming…HAYYYY what the hell!? That hurts, wait wait, no not my transom.. Woe… You are doing WHAT? So I suppose its a good thing they don’t talk..

Nice new wood

The weakest link on a raven.

Stay tuned, more to come.. as Thayer IV 1460, the main picture boat gets a new bottom..

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9 Responses to “Mariah, On Golden Pond U.S. Mail Boat Is Down To Just Skin And Bones.”
  1. Rick

    The voice you hear screaming is not the boat but my wife. “IT COSTS WHAT?!!!!!”. My wallet on the other hand just tends to whimper.

  2. anonomous

    I feel a fun post coming up on the THAYER IV again. Using the word “main” should get you the hits you want on that story. Apparently personal opinion is once again trumping documentation when using the that word. It should be fun. I’m still glad all boats are fixed or getting fixed to be used, though. Thanks for keeping us junkies supplied. I do appreciate it.

      • Anonomous

        If I recall you were the guy that said 1802 was wrecked. That frame by frame thing did promote for someone. In fact, it did such a good job I’m pretty sure it helped get it sold. Personal opinion is great isn’t it?