Are ya into cool classic boats, and big fast Hydros… Well.. get into your jalopy and head to Washington State.. Yea if you live in .. lets say VA, it may take a week to get there..So tune into Woody Boater and see what Texx see’s and does..He will be there in full Woody Boater force.. Above is a video from last years event. Very cool and fun.. You can find out more by clicking here..

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7 Responses to “If You Like Mahogany and Merlot. Man Oh Man, This Is Your Weekend!”
  1. Randy Mueller

    If you think the engines sound great (and they DO!), you really need to get a ride in one sometime!!!!! Awesome, and unforgetable, especially for those of us who grew up around these thunderboats in the ’50s and ’60s. Uh oh, now I’m showing my age — but I don’t think I ever grew up, OR outgrew these childhood dreams.

    For those inspired by these old unlimiteds, you can play a key part in their preservation by joining the country’s only Hydroplane & Raceboat Museum. Your support, even from a distance, will be greatly appreciated.

  2. Texx

    By the way, that cool YouTube video from Lake Chelan last year was produced by fellow Woody Boater Robert DaPron and his son.

    The Chris-Craft triple cockpit runabout in the beginning of the video is the DaPron families “Red Head II”.

  3. Philip Andrew

    Read Head? That reminds me.
    Next week I’m going to go visit a museum about an hour drive from my home and they have a ‘RedHead’ hydro there that set the NZ water speed record so I will see if I can put an interesting story together.

    • Texx

      Perfect idea Philip. “Red Head II” was the name on Robert DaProns boat when it left the Chris-Craft plant in the late 1920’s.