Thanks to Frank Miklos we now have the perfect woody boat for our cause. This is a very rare 1958 Century Roan that is 15 feet of pure 50s fun.. The best guess is that roughly 20 or so were made . All on the same serial numbers as the palamino.. The rumor is that they were made for dads to buy for there gals.. I’m in.. Find me one for the boatress.. Love this thing!!!! Here are some more photos from Frank.. Wow.. Some old like these.. From a guy named Ken..

20111013-052325.jpg 20111013-052339.jpg

The next ones are from a couple years ago at lake Dora..


And this cool set of images from a catalog


Thanks to frank and his amazing library of images and deep knowledge.. Wow..

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10 Responses to “The Century Roan – The Perfect Woodys For Boobies Boat!”
  1. WoodyGal

    I’m always blown away by the things Frank comes up with, but it shouldn’t be a surprise that he has an amazing archive and knowledge to match. It is the perfect boat for the Woody’s for Boobies burgee!!!

    Thanks Frank!

  2. Philip Andrew

    Cute. Very cute. It looks just like the Palomino in a different coloured stain. Great shots thanks Frank.

  3. Jack Schneiberg

    Well, I’m restoring a mahogany Palomino. I suppose for the right price I could always stain it pink!!!!!!

    • Philip Andrew

      Jack- the boats also seemed to have black deck seams on some and white on others despite being the same hull colour.
      My 56 has black seams but I’ve seen them with white too.

  4. Frank Miklos

    I was looking at all of the photos that I have of these I have photos of at least 6 different boats… Also we have found a newer one that was always pink… Pink was only offered in 58.. but we found a 60 that was pink… I guess someone special ordered one in pink that year… (anything to sell a boat.)

  5. Frank Miklos

    One other thing we I noticed yesterday … Some boats had pink covering boards some had natural… All the same year boat …

  6. Patrick

    I have one of these 58 centurys. Anyone want this one cheap. Needs to be restored. Contact me at the e-mail shown and I will send pictures and boat id #

  7. Corey

    I have a 58 that im restoring and the history shows 58 having red mahogany stain.