They have done it. Blisters sore legs.. And feeling fantastic. Your team has all finished the two day walk… Raising close to $19,000 …. what a weekend.. Congrats…

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7 Responses to “Team Woodys For Boobies Completes Two Day Avon Walk!!!”
  1. WoodyGal

    Great job! Your hard work is appreciated! Now do you get to go shopping?

  2. jimmuh

    Thank you to all who participated!
    And thank you Matt & Woody Boater for the attention.

  3. Al Benton

    Team “Woodys for Boobies” you are an inspiration to all of us. Thank you for caring, for working so hard and for sacrificing your time (and feet) to this cause. You have most definitely made a huge dent in the fight against breast cancer. Thanks!!!

  4. Woodboatress

    Thanks to all our Woody Boater supporters. And, a huge thank you to Woody himself for the awesome team vests and shirts.

  5. Jack Lynett

    Put me on the list and notify me next year.
    I lost my wife to cancer 5 years ago and just lost my youngest daughter to it too at age 42>