Mike Mayor has laid down the gauntlet... or leaves...

The photo’s are coming in, some fantastic, and some……like the one above… Mike Mayer of Lake Oswego Boat Co.. Has made a statement with this shot. To quote…”Here’s a couple photo’s for Last Gasp week. And no, those aren’t fake “Durren-like” leaves. They’re the real, biodegradable deal.” Ohhhhhhh no he dint! Did he just take a shot at Chad, and Lily? Poor little Lily..

Here is Krunch pointing out Chads Lily's ... in a more inocent time.. Oh how things take a turn.

It'll be OK Lily, that mean man from Oregon won't tease you anymore. He just should spend his time restoring Tahoe Winning boats and making people happy that way.. He did not mean anything by those dead leaves.. See, our are still alive.. Stop crying Lily..

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31 Responses to “Are You Preparing For Last Gasp Week? The Competition Is Already Getting Tough!”
  1. m-fine

    WHAT? The lilys were not real? Oh the humanity! I think Chad owes the community a public appoligy, and he should post a disclaimer sign at all future events.

    I might have had a fall photo to submit, but I had to pull my boat out at 10:00 at night, in pitch black AND fog. Not exactly prime photography conditions.

  2. Lily

    Even a 3 yr old can sprinkle some leaves around a boat. The random composition is a dead give-away.

    My rubber flowers kick-ass. And so does my dad.

    Not impressed, LILY

  3. alex

    Lily, I had an esteemed botanist examine Mr. Mayer’s submission very closely. In his professional opinion, half of these leaves are from species not native to the Lake Oswego area. They’re not even ersatz leaves! Mr. Mayer’s photo has been doctored!

    I can’t believe Mr. Mayer would not only make a little girl cry, but would care so much about winning this prestigious contest that he would cheat — nay, deceive — his colleagues (now “former” colleagues) of the close-knit classic boating family. For shame!

    On behalf of WoodyBoater, and the Durren family, I have filed suit in superior court against Mr. Mayer.

    Let’s let the authorities handle this, Lily. May your delicate blossoms once again adorn the glorious sides of your boat. And may Mr. Mayer be found guilty, and rot behind bars for this heinous crime!

  4. Brian Robinson

    I thought MikeM’s shot was nice, but I could not get passed the mismatched dock lines.

    • ARRRGH!

      No one is speaking up for the boat??? In our modern day society, what’s wrong with plastic implants, even if they are in the water???

  5. matt

    it just gets uglier and uglier.. Never pick a fight with a 3 year old girl..

  6. Texx

    Oh no – “Leaf Gate”

    If Mr. Mayer is found guilty for doctoring the photo, I hope he can hold off going to the Hoosegow until after June 2012…

  7. matt

    Oregon, Washington.. It’s all the same isnt it? Its up there in the left hand corner.. Lots of rain.. cool cruisers, microsoft and grung music.. coffee houses.. Raineer Beer..

    • m-fine

      I still remember when I went to the midwest for college and had my first can of Rainier beer like substance. I couldn’t believe kids could be so desperate to get drunk that they would drink that stuff, especially with mouth wash or food extracts as a better alternative, let alone the ready availability of actual beer.

  8. Steve Franchini

    mike your safe, If they can not get the geography right , they can not prove anything with a leaf expert!

  9. rdapron

    The real question for Mike is has that vegetation matter been tested, power washed and sprayed before being allowed in the hollow grounds of Lake Oswego?

  10. MikeM

    Lily…sorry. My jab was meant for your dad, not you.

    Matt…what happened to Woody/Woodyboater client privilege?

    Alex…shut up.

      • matt

        Mayer, Mayor….Washington, Oregon… Now this is turning on me.. It’s all Alex’s fault!

  11. alex

    Sticks and stones may break my bones,
    And names will never hurt me,
    But all play and no work,
    Makes Alex a dull boy.


  12. matt

    Fixed the spelling.. I know that’s the most important thing, in celebrity status..

      • matt

        We are evolving! Slowly.. I know how to spell his name and knows where he lives.. I was caught up in the header this morning.. Meatball writing.. Both guys have a fantastic sense of humor and fun folks to be a part of this. Although Lily… She is one pissed off 3 year old.. HA She will not take this lying down… until her nap that is..

  13. Dick Dow

    If Mike lived in Washington that would be Milfoil next to the boat and he would likely be in the water trying to get it unwrapped from the prop and out of the intake… 🙂

  14. Texx

    Mike – You should be nice to Alex so he doesn’t revoke his exclusive invitation to join him in Hessel for the unofficial, yet to be named Woody Boater gathering next summer.

    Oops – Did I let the cat out of the bag…

  15. brian


    Matt is sort of correct – Oregon and Washington are up in the corner complete with rain and cool cruisers and Microsoft and Nike and coffee houses but…

    Rainer beer???? YEECH.

    We have the best micro brew beer houses in the country out here and the next time that Matt and Texx are out here I’ll buy the first round of our good stuff and yes, I will invite my friend Mike to come along.

    I cannot believe what I have been reading here. Mike is a tireless contributor to our boating passion and you all turn on him because he prefers the real deal to silicon rubber fake ones. Leaves, people, leaves.

    In fact, even today Mike volunteered to tow his Century around for a Homecoming Parade so that the high school girls could drum up school spirit and support. I mean really, who wouldn’t want a bunch of pretty young women climbing around your boat?

    Whoops, Wait, that didn’t come out right.

  16. Rick

    I’ve been out all day (Family Weekend at my daughter’s college), I will refrain from commenting on real vs. fake vegitation but when the claim of the best microbrews is made…… have you tried any from LI,NY! I say that next summer if there is a “unofficial” gathering of WoodyBoaters (LOTS of advance notice please) maybe some microbrews can be compared. Of course after enough sampling it may be hard to keep track.

    • Texx

      Hey Rick – I’m happy to see that you noticed the reference to the “Unofficial” gathering of Woody Boaters. Now we know we have at least 5 people that may be (unofficially) interested… Thanks and please stay tuned for updates.

  17. Dick Dow

    OK Boys, -up here in WA we have a pretty decent bunch of micro-brews and wineries at our doorstep, one of which was patially financed by the sale of a nice Gar triple… -ask me later – So, we may need a regional “theme” gathering/competition to evaluate the relative merits of said local offerings.

    Texx – this is a “technical advisor” role I may be willing to entertain…

  18. m-fine

    Having spent much time in the US and Germany, i must say the best beer comes from the same state as the best wood boats. Give me a me pitcher of Bells and a Chris Craft and I will be happy.