Thanks again to Loren Sattler for accommodating his fans! Here is some Gar Wood action with the Go Pro.. Dang, it’s august footage.. DAM DAM DAM that is some nice water.. I will be watching this all winter..

“Alibi” is a beautiful 1928 Gar Wood Baby Gar 28. Loren Sattler has owned it since 1988. Total restoration was completed in 1990. Power is a modern 320 hp Crusader 454. It gets regular use in the Les Cheneaux Islands, Hessel, MI in the Upper Penninsula.

Here are a few shots of “Alibi” from the Clayton Boat Show in 2010.

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8 Responses to “Back By Popular Demand. Gar Wood Boat Ride!”
  1. m-fine

    He seems to have a thing for 2200 RPM’s.

    Also, best quote of the film “Linda are you steering please?”

  2. Alex

    Loren, that’s no fair sending Summer videos of Hessel in late October. That has nothing to do with Last Gasp.

    Actually, it’s totally fair. It’s like a warm breeze through my bones.

    I’m writing this from The Islander, and I’ll have you know, I just ordered another round in honor of you and your gorgeous Gar, which I thoroughly enjoyed watching (especially those utterly cool center mounted navigation lights) many summer evenings from my porch. Cheers!

    P.S. Do the Gar lawyers know about you climbing around the boat like that, driverless? Oh yeah, these boats were made before the boat-chaser lawyers. Amen to that!!!

    • Texx

      Alex – After posting Loren’s Lyman video this morning, there was a growing group of viewers calling themselves “Occupy Woody Boater” chanting… Gar Wood.. Gar Wood.. Gar Wood..

      Thankfully, Loren came through with the goods and the group subsided…

  3. Philip Andrew

    ” Turn around.” “Turn around!” “No you turn around and face the camera!” Genius thanks Loren. Beautiful in many ways.

  4. Pierpaolo Necchi

    Hey dad!!! This video has just brought me back to August 2008 when we sailed all over Hessel, Mackinac Island, the U.P. and waterskiied on that smooth and crystalline water. Some of the best place I’ve ever seen!!! Hope you and mom are doing well over there… even though I suppose it’s getting too chilly to boat ride!!! Huge Hugs from Italy!!! say hi to to everybody!!!