17 Responses to “Woody Boater Unplugged!”
  1. Pumpkin and ARRRGH!

    YUP, we missed you. I even turned my clock back an hour thinking it might help. But, noooooooo, had to suffer in electronic silence all day! Glad you’re back!

    • matt

      She cares to much! Needs an outfit a day!!! Ruby won’t even pee outside if it’s raining..

  2. Bob K

    Thank God the site is back. I was going through wood withdraw.

    Best to the crew, I always enjoy the read !!!!!!!

  3. Rick

    Thought maybe it was my end as it just said ‘page can not load” and the local internet supplier said that they were not selectively blocking WoodyBoater. In fact after my 45th call they wouldn’t even talk to me any more, so I bought an entire new computer system. When that didn’t work I had a priest exorcise the house, still no WoodyBoater. Next was a coven of bitches, best I could do as my wife said no to the witches and goat blood pentagrams, said she had just cleaned. If it wasn’t back today I was thinking a volcano/virgin scenario. But all is right with the world today.

  4. WoodyGal

    Hard to believe how disturbing it is to not have Woody Boater! Guess I’m officially an addict. Glad your back.

  5. Ken Miller

    Clicking on today’s (beautiful) header doesn’t take you back to the homepage, FYI. Part of server move?

  6. MikeM

    In your absence yesterday I reached out to fellow woodyboater Alex for a boat story. Boy, did that turn out to be a mistake!! Trust me….as bad as it is being without WB for a day it’s way worse to engage Alex. WAY worse.

  7. Alex

    What, Mike?! I was taking an innocent Fall walk in the woods with little Salty, when you reached out to me with your bad case of WoodyBoater withdrawal DT’s. Thankfully, I was there for you pal and threw you a life buoy in the form of two classics. You didn’t take well to the medicine tho. Know this: “Say no to [Mother Goose] and you say no to life.” Kids today! Sheesh!

  8. tomt

    bob k i have a cord of wood that needs split that might help you with your withdrawels!!!!!

    • Rick

      If you have all the original pieces maybe it can be restored to its original tree form. At least make templates so in the future a replica of the tree can be made.

  9. Al Benton

    Well It’s good to see that WoodyBoater was just temporarily “unplugged” yesterday morning. Coffee wasn’t the same without it.

  10. John Rothert

    Ha! I was cruisin …..never missed it…..much…..well OK, some…..nice dog……
    John in Va.

    • Al Benton

      Nice dog??? He (she) pees in the house when it’s raining??? Thinks any table leg is free game because it’s raining outside??? BAD DOG!!!